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Reflective Warning Tapes
High quality hazard yellow-black and red-white warning tapes for industry. Tapes are self-adhesive with a strong adhesive layer on the back.

General description

The reflective warning (hazard) tapes improve the safety standards during night-time, blackouts or low visibility conditions. Our tapes are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The product is weather resistant.

Available dimensions

Yellow / Black  diagonal reflective  tape

Yellow / Black diagonal reflective tape.

Ordering code:

AS-20/45DYB - 45mm x 10m roll

AS-20/50DYB - 50mm x 10m roll

AS-20/90DYB - 90mm x 10m roll

AS-20/100DYB - 100mm x 10m roll

AS-20/150DYB - 150mm x 10m roll

Yellow / Black  checkerboard reflective  tape

Yellow / Black checkerboard reflective tape.

Ordering code:

AS-20/45CYB - 45mm x 10m roll

AS-20/50CYB - 50mm x 10m roll

AS-20/90CYB - 90mm x 10m roll

AS-20/100CYB - 100mm x 10m roll

AS-20/150CYB - 150mm x 10m roll


Red / White diagonal reflective tape

Red / White diagonal reflective tape.

Ordering code:

AS-20/45DRW - 45mm x 10m roll

AS-20/50DRW - 50mm x 10m roll

AS-20/90DRW - 90mm x 10m roll

AS-20/100DRW - 100mm x 10m roll

AS-20/150DRW - 150mm x 10m roll

Red / White checkerboard reflective tape

Red / White checkerboard reflective tape.

Ordering code:

AS-20/45CRW - 45mm x 10m roll

AS-20/50CRW - 50mm x 10m roll

AS-20/90CRW - 90mm x 10m roll

AS-20/100CRW - 100mm x 10m roll

AS-20/150CRW - 150mm x 10m roll

Outdoor durability:

4 years

Application temp.:

Min. +10°C (+50°F)

Application surface:

Flat.Clean the surface before installation.

Service temperature:

-35°C to +80°C (-31°F to +176°F)

Optical properties:

Meets or exceeds: L-S 300C andFP-85 Type II

Adhesion strength:

16 N / 25 mm (FINAT TM 1,after 24h, stainless steel)

Shelf life:

2 years (in original packaging,
at 20°C / 68°F and 50% relativehumidity)



0,24 mm without silicone paper


0,41 mm with silicone paper


0,48 kg/m2


45mm, 50mm, 90mm, 100mm, 150mm


10 m (other on special demand)


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