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Pipe Repair Kits
Water activated tape: fiberglass polypoxide soaked reisin bandage and a putty.

General description

The Mareflex MF 40 Pipe Repair Kit is an inexpensive and easy to use kit used for repairing leaking pipes. The contents of the kit includes a fiberglass polypoxide soaked reisin bandage and a putty - a dough like mouldable substance.

MF40 can be applied to the most commonly used pipes: PVC, fiberglass, steel, copper, concrete and other. The kit can be used on pipes with internal pressure up to 400 psi (27,5 bar).

The installation process takes only a few minutes and the pipe is ready to be used within an hour.

What is important is the fact that MF40 can be applied to pipes that carry potable water.



Product code:Tape dimensionBox weight
MF40/501550 mm x 1,5 m160 g
MF40/503650 mm x 3,6 m200 g
MF40/752775 mm x 2,7 m230 g
MF40/10036100 mm x 3,6 m300 g

To repair one leak use the measurement table below. Choose the amount and size of the rolls based on the size and pressure of the damaged pipe.


Installation instructions


The Marflex MF 40 Pipe Repair Kit includes:

  1. aluminium bag containing a polyurethane resin soaked bandage made of fibre glass
  2. package of epoxy putty
  3. pair of latex gloves
  4. English installation instruction

Do not open the aluminium bag before the pipe is ready for repair. It is crucial to put on the gloves (included) and safety glass (not included) while applying the product.

YOU WILL NEED: a small container of water, file or sandpaper and safety glass.

Installation of Pipe Repair Kit

Repair procedure

  1. Turn the liquid supply off.
  2. Dull the surface that is to be repaired using file or sandpaper. In case of PVDF, polyethylene and polypropylene pipes use a saw blade to get the chequered pattern required.
  3. Put on the latex gloves.
  4. Take the epoxy putty out of the sealed plastic bag. Remove the protective film.
  5. Mold the epoxy putty until it is smooth and dark grey and until it becomes warm (approx 20 seconds).
  6. Apply the epoxy putty to the leak so that it fills the holes and cracks.
  7. Fill the prepared container with water.
  8. Rip the aluminium bag apart along the incision. Take out the bandage and dip it in the water for 5 seconds. Squeeze the roll of bandage hard twice and take it out of the water.
  9. Apply it quickly because the time of application is 2 minutes max. Wrap the bandage tightly and carefully around the surface being repaired. Use the entire roll of bandage.
  10. Tear off the plastic tube from the end of the roll.
  11. Dip the gloves in water and quickly press the resin bubbles back into the bandage wrapped surface, smoothing the area with precise backward and forward movements.
  12. Smooth the wrapped bandage until the bubbles stop appearing (approx. 3 to 5 minutes). After application the whole of the part of the pipe being repaired should be smooth and have the colour of ivory.


  1. The pipe repair kit is best applied to rough surfaces. If the surface of the pipe is covered in peeling rust, remove the rust before application.
  2. A couple of rolls of bandage can be applied in one place if needed (refer to the table below).
  3. In case of leakage at tee-joint, roll the epoxy putty between your hands and create a long and narrow "worm". Using the putty fill the space into the joint and form smooth transition before applying Pipe Repair Kit.


Instruction film

Measurement table

Nominal pipe diameterAmount of rolls and size
3,5 bar
(10 layers of wrapping)
10 bar
(15 layers of wrapping)
27,5 bar
(20+ layers of wrapping)
mm(mm x meters)
12,51 (50 x 1,5)1 (50 x 1,5)1 (50 x 1,5)
191 (50 x 1,5)1 (50 x 1,5)1 (50 x 1,5)
251 (50 x 1,5)1 (50 x 1,5)1 (50 x 3,6)
321 (50 x 1,5)1 (50 x 3,6)1 (50 x 3,6)
381 (50 x 1,5)1 (50 x 3,6)1 (50 x 3,6)
501 (50 x 3,6)1 (50 x 3,6)1 (50 x 3,6)
631 (50 x 3,6)1 (50 x 3,6)2 (50 x 3,6)
751 (50 x 3,6)1 (50 x 3,6)2 (50 x 3,6)
882 (75 x 2,7)2 (75 x 2,7)3 (75 x 2,7)
1002 (75 x 2,7)2 (75 x 2,7)3 (75 x 2,7)
1252 (75 x 2,7)3 (75 x 2,7)3 (75 x 2,7)
1502 (75 x 2,7)3 (75 x 2,7)4 (75 x 2,7)
2003 (75 x 2,7)4 (75 x 2,7)5 (75 x 2,7)
2503 (100 x 3,6)4 (100 x 3,6)5 (100 x 3,6)
3003 (100 x 3,6)4 (100 x 3,6)6 (100 x 3,6)
3504 (100 x 3,6)5 (100 x 3,6)7 (100 x 3,6)
4004 (100 x 3,6)6 (100 x 3,6)8 (100 x 3,6)
4504 (100 x 3,6)7 (100 x 3,6)9 (100 x 3,6)

Example: To repair a pipe 50mm in diameter designed to handle pressure of 3,5 bars, one 50 mm x 3,6 m Pipe Repair Kit (MF40-5036) is needed. At least 10 layers of Pipe Repair bandage need to be applied around the leak.


The measurement table serves only as a guideline. The product is applied manually and the result may vary depending on the experience of the person applying it. Always use the entire roll.

The table above is for standard pipe sizes. The actual diameter of the pipe may vary depending on its type and the thickness of its casing. When repairing a cased pipe refer to the values given for the next pipe diameter in the table. The application of this product on cased pipes may require the use of additional products.

Maintenance and storing

Material should be stored in a dry, cool and well ventilated area and used within 12 months after goods receipt. It is recommended to store the product in the original packaging.

Mareflex provides the kit in ready-to-sell, individual, cartoon boxes with English instruction inside.


The distribution of the MF40 Pipe Repair Kit is served exclusively by our partner company Mareflex GmbH.

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