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AS-44 (Tapes)
Photoluminescent Tapes
Luminescent tapes with green, red or black diagonal stripes.

General description

A-SPE photoluminescent tape is a self-adhesive flexible material with high intensity luminous properties. The product far exceeds requirements of DIN 67510 Part 1.

After its exposure to natural or artificial lighting the material is highly visible to the human eye in the dark. The gradual diminution of glow intensity takes several hours. The material can undergo the process of being recharged with light repeatedly.

The material is non-toxic and non-radioactive, it is phosphorus and lead free. It is not harmful to health or the environment.

Environmental properties

Service temperature -20°C to +50°C
Application temperature +20°C to +50°C
Fungus resistance Resistant to fungi
Solvent resistance Resistant to gasoline, grease, mild alkaline and acids
Flammability Self-extinguishing
Shrinkage Same as for normal self-adhesive vinyl products
Product life Indoor - in excess of 5 years
Outdoor - weather resistant
Shelf life Under normal conditions for self-adhesive vinyl, approx 1-2 years


Available dimensions

Plain photoluminescent safety  tape

Plain safety tape, for general identification use, like marking of the rescue ways.

Ordering code:

AS-44/4P - 40mm x10m roll

AS-44/8P - 80mm x10m roll

Green diagonal photoluminescent safety  tape

Green diagonal tape - for indicating safe areas.

Ordering code:

AS-44/4G - 40mm x10m roll

AS-44/8G - 80mm x10m roll

Black diagonal photoluminescent safety  tape

Black diagonal tape - for marking hazard areas and obstacles

Ordering code:

AS-44/4B - 40mm x10m roll

AS-44/8B - 80mm x10m roll

Red diagonal photoluminescent safety  tape

Red diagonal tape

for marking fire hazard areas

Ordering code:

AS-44/40R - 40mm x10m roll

AS-44/80R - 80mm x10m roll


Luminescent safety tape with arrows

Arrow safety tape

- for marking escape routes

Ordering code:

AS-44/5A - 50mm x10m roll

AS-44/8A - 80mm x10m roll

Photoluminescent wayfinding tape for safe routes to exit - right

Wayfinding tape - for safe routes to exits (direction right)

Ordering code:

AS-44/4WR 40mm x10m roll

AS-44/8WR 80mm x10m roll

Photoluminescent wayfinding tape for safe routes to exit - left

Wayfinding tape - for safe routes to exits (direction left)

Ordering code:

AS-44/4WL 40mm x10m roll

AS-44/8WL 80mm x10m roll

Plain luminescent tape with stickers - evacuation left and right

You can order plain safety tape with the additional transparent stickers (evacuation exit left and right)

Ordering code:

AS-44/4PS - 40mm x 10m roll (tape + stickers)

AS-44/8PS - 80mm x 10m roll (tape + stickers)

Physical properties

Thickness (without silicone paper) 0,38 mm
Thickness (with silicone paper) 0,49 mm
Weight 0,7 kg / m2
Width 40 or 80 mm (other on special demand)
Length 10 m (other on special demand)


Afterglow performance

Brightness Decay time to 0,3 mcd/m2
after 10 min after 30 min after 60 min
105 mcd/m2 31 mcd/m2 14 mcd/m2 1800 min
  10 min 60 min
DIN 67510 20 5
AS-44 Photoluminescent Foil 105 14


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