As 60 anticorrosive norust petrolatum system thumb
AS-60, AS-61, AS-62
NoRust Petrolatum System (Tape, Mastic and Cover)
Complete anti-corrosion system, with mastic, tape and protection cover.

General description

Anticorrosive system during installationNoRust products are developed for long time anti-corrosion protection of metal elements installed under water, under ground or exposed to weather conditions. NoRust Tape and NoRust Mastic is a cold application system. It is composed of synthetic fabric impregnated with specially developed petrolatum compounds.

NoRust Mastic and Tape can be applied on: steel flanges, pipes, valves, welded connection points, electrical connection boxes, pipe crossings etc. It may be also used for waterproofing and sealing.

NoRust-Mastic corrosion protection mastic, it is used to fill irregular surfaces, to level out irregular profiles and dimensions and to smooth two layer isolation systems. Mastic is perfect for flanges, pipe connections and ship fittings.


Product codeSizeWeightUnits
per box


50 mm x 10 m730 g2481 24 71


100 mm x 10 m1440 g1281 24 72


n/a2 kg (net)6-


n/a5 kg (net)single


50mm x 20m
Thickness: 0,20 mm
300 g54-


100mm x 20m
Thickness: 0,20 mm
600 g54-


Installation of NoRust - Tape

  1. Clean the surface to be coated from rust, dirt and moisture.
  2. Clean and tarnish existing isolation ends with abrasive paper (about 10 cm length on each end).
  3. Wrap spirally with 50% overlap, apply NoRust-Tape with tension. Strech the wrapping over the existing isolation.
  4. On the end press the coated surface to adjust the coating to any irregular shapes of protected elements.

Installation of NoRust - Mastic

  1. It is to be applied with hands or spatula on surface clean and free from rust, dirt and moisture.
  2. After application, smooth out the isolated surface.
NoRust Tape installation picture

Instruction film

Technical specification

NoRust - Tape
Backing:Synthetic cloth
Adhesive:Oil derivative plastic mass with corrosion inhibitors
Total thickness:≥ 1,2 mm
Synthetic cloth thickness:up to 0,4 mm
Installation temperature:-5°C to +45°C
Operating temperature:-34°C to +55°C


NoRust - Mastic
Density at 20°C:1,2 ÷1,4 kg/dm3
Installation temperature:-5°C to +45°C
Operating temperature:-34°C to +55°C


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