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Low Location Lighting system (PVC + aluminum profiles)
Photoluminescent escape route system (LLL) based on PVC photoluminescent material mounted on aluminum profiles

Low Location Lighting (LLL)Example of low location lighting corridor

based on AS-42 Photoluminescent PVC plates

One of the most important elements of safety systems on board ships and offshore drilling platforms is Low Location Lighting. These glow-in-the-dark strips with arrows direct passengers and crew to the nearest Assembly Station and also indicate the location of particular fire safety and first aid equipment (eg. fire-extiguishers, emergency telephones and the overall direction of evacuation).

The use of clearly marked and visible directions limits confusion and the risk of people panicking during emergency situations.

The low location of the photoluminescent strips ie. just above ground level, is due to the fact that during a fire smoke rises gathering near the ceiling. This forces people to move along the ground usually in a crawling or crouched position.

Photoluminescent LLL strips do not need any external energy source. As a result of specific physiochemical properties of strontium aluminate they emit the previously accumulated light becoming visible even in complete darkness.

The A-SPE LLL systems are available in several versions diversified by luminescence strength, length and width of the strips, the material used, application method (ie. how they are fixed in place) and price.

Aluminum Profile for LLL systems

Carrier 1

Aluminum profile

LLL can be fixed in place with the use of a beveled profile so that 50-75mm of the photoluminescent slide-in is visible along all of its length.

PROFILE width 50mm
  1000mm length 3000mm length
A LLL Aluminum Profile 50/1000mm
Product code: 99999999
LLL Aluminum Profile 50/3000mm
Product code: 99999999
B LLL Insert 50/1000mm
Product code: 99999999
LLL Insert 50/3000mm
Product code: 99999999
C LLL End Cap 50 Left/Right
Product code: 99999999/99999999

50mm Aluminum Profile for LLL systems

PROFILE width 75mm
  1000mm length 3000mm length
A LLL Aluminum Profile 75/1000mm
Product code: 99999999
LLL Aluminum Profile 75/3000mm
Product code: 99999999
B LLL Insert 75/1000mm
Product code: 99999999
LLL Insert 75/3000mm
Product code: 99999999
C LLL End Cap 75 Left/Right
Product code: 99999999/99999999

75mm Aluminum Profile for LLL systems

Carrier 2

Anchor screws or fixings

LLL strips can also be fixed directly to the wall with appropriate anchor screws. For the effect to be more aesthetic we suggest to cover the heads of the anchor screws with photoluminescent caps after fixing the strips to the wall.

Anchor Screws or fixings
LLL Screw Caps LLL Screw Cap ø15mm
Product code: XXXXXXX

Anchor screws should be purchased separately.

Carrier 3

Self-adhesive mounting foam

The easiest method of fixing LLL strips in place is to stick them to the required surface such as a wall using double-sided self-adhesive foam tape (AS-80*). This method is especially useful when dealing with uneven surfaces or when drilling holes in the given surface is impossible.

* The double sided self-adhesive foam tape can be purchased separately.

Mounting foam for LLL
Stickers for LLL

Complimentary Stickers for LLL

After fixing the LLL strips in place we mark them with appropriate stickers so that they indicate the actual location of the Assembly Stations, fire-extinguishers and other fire safety and first aid equipment. The list below includes all the most popular pictograms and symbols used as part of the LLL system. We deliver other symbols on demand.

See our stickers

Assembly Station Left Assembly Station Left
Stairs Right Stairs Right
Exit Left Exit Left
See other stickers

Luminance value

Measurement perfomed in accordance with ISO 15370:2010
  2 min. 5 min. 10 min. 30 min. 60 min.
IMO Resoultion A.752(18) - - 15 mcd/m² - 2 mcd/m²
ISO 15370:2010 - - 15 mcd/m² - 2 mcd/m²
ISO 16069 - - 20 mcd/m² - 2,8 mcd/m²
AS-42/B PVC plate 41,39 mcd/m² 28,99 mcd/m² 20,99 mcd/m² 10,67 mcd/m² 6,20 mcd/m²
AS-42/C PVC plate 66,90 mcd/m² 47,10 mcd/m² 34,20 mcd/m² 17,50 mcd/m² 10,27 mcd/m²
AS-42/D PVC plate 110,89 mcd/m² 73,39 mcd/m² 52,29 mcd/m² 26,49 mcd/m² 15,49 mcd/m²

Regulations and standards

  • European Directive 2002/25/EC
  • ISO 3864
  • ISO 15370
  • ISO 16069
  • IMO Resolution A.752 (18)
  • SOLAS Convention 2004
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