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Foam Mounting Tapes (self-adhesive)
General purpose foam tape designed for attaching items to almost any smooth wall or surface.

General description

Polyethylene foam tapes are used for mounting. Thick structure of the tape perfectly sticks to rough, uneven surfaces. Strong glue allows to mount objects without using nails or screws. The most popular way of using foam tapes is attaching signs to walls. It looks very aesthetic and there is no need to make a hole.

Structure of the foam tape

Structure of foam tape


Product codeSingle roll sizeWeight


10mm x 30m66g


20mm x 30m132g


30mm x 30m198g


40mm x 30m264g


50mm x 30m330g


Maintenance and storing

Material should be stored in a dry and cool area and used within 12 months after goods receipt. It is recommended to store the rolls in the original packaging.

Installation instruction

  • Before applying the Foam Tape, clean the surface to which it is to be applied thoroughly.
  • The surface must be dry before tape application.
  • Cut the required piece of the tape and apply pressure to stick it onto the surface. This which will ensure optimum adhesion.
  • Remove release liner and stick the apply pressure to stick the tape onto the surface. This which will ensure optimum adhesion.

Phisical properties

Base material:Closed cell polyethylene (PE) Foam, with a filmic release liner
Foam density:68kg/m3
Temperature range: -20°C to 80°C
Thickness:1,0 mm (without liner)
Initial tack:20#
Shelf life:1 year when properly stored

* Tolerance: Weight and Thickness: ±5%; Width: ±3mm; Length: ±0.5%


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