Davit launched liferaft thumb
Davit Launched Liferaft
Order code 050214
Available size 150 x 150mm
Surface Dura-Plate
Photoluminescent Yes
ISSA code 47.541.03
IMPA code 33.4103

Technical specification of DURA PLATE signs

General information

DURA-PLATE is a multilayer material specially designed for the signage industry. The multilayer structure ensures excellent durability even in difficult environmental conditions.
The plate is equipped with a strong adhesive foam which holds the sign on its place even in outdoor moisture conditions and wide range of temperatures. This makes the DURA-PLATE an ideal solution for the marine signage.

Material specification:
  • high afterglow performance
  • non-toxic and free of radioactive additions
  • difficult to ignite
  • suitable for external use
  • protected agains mechanichal damages
  • special maintenance not required
Afterglow performance - acc. to DIN 67510
Brightness in mcd/m2 afterDecay time
2,5 min5 min10 min30 min60 min120 min
365193973116101967 min

Tested in accordance with DIN 67510 - charged at 1000 lx for 5 min

Decay time - period of the light decay to 0,3 mcd/m2

Regulations and Approvals

Products meet the following regulations (all tests performed in accredited laboratories):

  • ISO 15370:2010 Ch. 4.2 and Annex A - Phosphorescence test
  • DIN 67510-1 - Photopic Luminance
  • PN-IEC 60092-101:2001 part 2.28.2 - Flame retardance test
  • ISO 1716:2002 - Calorific potential.


DuraPlate Sign Structure
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