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Antispray Tape high Pressure 50 bar
Antispray Tape designed for higher pressures - up to 50 bar.

General description

High pressure tape during installationThe Mareflex MF-02 (50 bar) High Pressure Antispray Tape is an upgraded version of Mareflex MF 01 Antispray Tape. It was designed for protecting high pressure (up to 50 bar) pipeline installations against spraying of dangerous substances. General purpose of the MF 02 tape is the same as so called “anti splashing tapes” described in Regulation II-2/ (SOLAS Consolidated Edition 2001), with the exception of designed pressure, which is up to 50 bar. See the official interpretation of the above regulation here.

Mareflex MF-02 (50 bar) Antispray Tape is supposed to serve as fire protection in case of leakage of flammable substances transported through the high-pressure pipeline. While MF 02 does not stop the leakage itself, it allows to avoid spraying of hazardous substances and therefore prevents from possible contact of flammable substances with a hot surfaces, which may be a cause of fire.

Tape structure

The picture below shows in a schematic way the idea of the tape's structure:

Mareflex MF02 high pressure anti splashing tape


Mareflex's anti splash tape is certificated by Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK).


The distribution of the MF02 Antispray Tape is served exclusively by our partner company Mareflex GmbH.



Product code:Dimension
MF02/3535 mm x 10 m
MF02/5050 mm x 10 m
MF02/7575 mm x 10 m
MF02/100100 mm x 10 m
MF02/140140 mm x 10 m
MF02/250250 mm x 10 m
MF02/500500 mm x 10 m


Physical properties

Colour:Silver with blue overprint
Thickness (total):480 micrometers
Maximum pressure:50 bar (49,35 atm)
Temperature range:up to 150°C
Shelf lifeIndefinite shelf life when properly stored


Physical prop.ResultRegulation
Tensile strength:2119 N ± 95acc. to EN-ISO 1421:2001
Elongation at break in length:4%


Maintenance and storing

Material should be stored in a dry and cool area. It is recommended to store the rolls in the original packaging.

Mareflex provides the tapes in ready-to-sell, separate, cartoon boxes with English instruction inside.


Installation instruction

Download here.


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