As 51 soft antislip tapes thumb
Anti-slip Tapes - soft surface
Easy to apply, safe for bare foots tapes, designed for boats, water sports equipment and many other applications.

General description

HS and SS series tapes are an excellent and economical solution improving the safety standards in slip hazard areas. They are available in 2 basic widths (5 cm and 10 cm). Installation is very simple – just follow the instructions below.

SOFT surface tapes (SS) – are a mop-friendly solution, they offer considerably lower anti-slippery properties, however, they are much easier in maintenance and cleaning.

Installation instruction

  1. Make sure that the surface is clean and dry, free of oils, sand or dust.
  2. Release a small piece of the release paper.
  3. Apply the first part of the tape to the surface and continue removing the release foil gradually.
  4. The full adhesive strength is achieved 48 hours after installation. Try to avoid heavy use of the tape during this time.
  5. In view of the many types of the surfaces where the anti slip tapes can be applied – the final user should perform his own tests to ensure that the product is suitable for his application and that it meets his demands.

See also our hard anti slip tapes.

PictureProduct codeSizeColourSurface type
Anti Slip Tape - SS-WAS-51/50x18(W)50 mm x 18 mwhite
AS-51/100x18(W)100 mm x 18 m
Anti Slip Tape - SS-BAS-51/50x18(B)50 mm x 18 mblackSoft
AS-51/100x18(B)100 mm x 18 m
Anti Slip Tape - SS-TAS-51/50x18(T)50 mm x 18 mtransparentSoft
AS-51/100x18(T)100 mm x 18 m


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